Friday, May 6, 2011

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My tribute to our US Navy Seals!

...And to all that have served and have served us Proudly!
I salute you all!

Soldier's Heavy Brow
Like a soldier's heavy brow
He wears his scars upon his face
Of all the wars which unerased

The past that I kept deep inside
Inside are where my scars did lie
Lie down inside a deep hiding place
Which never shall be unerased

The childhood past, 17 years did last
Lasting memories do remain

Like a soldier's heavy brow
Lasting past of yesterday's pain

Like a soldier's heavy brow
Wars which unerased...

Into battle once again
I grab my gun, which was my friend
Marching onward to the shore
Wear I lay my heavy brow

Onward to my destiny flee
...Like a soldier...I will be.

Written by M. Melody Tuli


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