Monday, May 23, 2011


The FEST Team proudly presents our May Daze BLOG GIVEAWAY selection from Laura of Tierrasolpaz. Laura is an accomplished artist who enjoys creating mixed media art, jewelry, photography, zines, stationary, decoupage pieces, paper crafts - anything that materials may inspire her with. Laura uses recycled materials, or follows an upcycle philosophy whenever possible helping to keep the final cost of her creations affordable to the buyer. She is proud to be part of the etsy community of independent designers, creators, artists, and crafters alike.

Her giveaway is a stunningly beautiful and glorious sunset over water with mountains in the background of Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada. The photograph will be delivered as an 8 x 10 glossy professionally printed picture.

HOW TO ENTER: Visit the team blog post May Daze BLOG GIVEAWAY to enter to win the lovely and colorful photograph by visiting Laura at Tierrasolpaz or any of the FEST Team Members listed in the Member Section. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to leave your email or contact info so we can reach you if you're the lucky winner. The winner will be picked on June 4rd. Simple and Easy!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Donations

I firmly believe in giving back whenever possible. And I've been trying to do just that when I can. Below are two really great places to donate if your interested.

I've been knitting a few Chemo Caps. As soon as I get enough of them made I want to donate them to Sue W. Thompson at Head Huggers. You can donate adult hat for Chemo patients and tiny premie hats to her other charity called Miracles Happen.

~Head Huggers
C/O: Sue W. Thompson
1006 Auckland Way
Chester, MD 21619

Premie Caps for the Neonatal Unit Broward County.

~Save the Children, Knit One Save One Campaign

~The Etsy Baby Shower


Friday, May 6, 2011

Check out my latest Etsy treasury.
My tribute to our US Navy Seals!

...And to all that have served and have served us Proudly!
I salute you all!

Soldier's Heavy Brow
Like a soldier's heavy brow
He wears his scars upon his face
Of all the wars which unerased

The past that I kept deep inside
Inside are where my scars did lie
Lie down inside a deep hiding place
Which never shall be unerased

The childhood past, 17 years did last
Lasting memories do remain

Like a soldier's heavy brow
Lasting past of yesterday's pain

Like a soldier's heavy brow
Wars which unerased...

Into battle once again
I grab my gun, which was my friend
Marching onward to the shore
Wear I lay my heavy brow

Onward to my destiny flee
...Like a soldier...I will be.

Written by M. Melody Tuli