Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our New Love

We have a new love in our lives!
It's been a while since I've updated my blog. In mid October we adopted a sweet and loving kitty named Sophia. She was a little rescue from C.A.T.S. Rescue in Miami. She had been dumped and living outside among feral cats in their colony. It was a rough two months at first. She was in hiding most of that time. But she has really come out of her shell and has blossomed. My husband and I are very blessed and we both are in love with her. She is a Siamese and part "monkey" mix I think. Laughing~

She loves to play with her toys all day if you play with her. She also loves to go outside on our back patio enclosure. She is very, very vocal and verbal with us, as most Siamese are. She can get very loud when she wants to play and needs attention.

Sophia has healed our broken hearts. We had waited for three years after our sweet Himalayan kitty passed to adopt another fur-baby into our lives. Our home is no longer empty any longer.


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